You are Welcome to buynothing !

The Buy Nothing Day party was a complete success. The venue was nowhere & we ate & drank nothing, listened to n o ne, smoked nothing. Was wonderfull. We 'll do it again soon. ;-)

Party People

Party People

Saturday, 28 November 2009

BND Advertisment - Buy Nothing Day! made by our Danish friends


rstabosz said...

Okay, I loved this video! Short, to the point, and the product it advertises is amazing. I have been slowly increasing the amount of Nothing I buy over the past year, and my health has improved, my stress levels lowered, and my house has a lovely, uncluttered look that enhances the aesthetics and gives the illusion of spaciousness.

I love it!


Anonymous said...

i love it ill buy 100 ,great idea i love it

Thanks for Nothing!
Everything ;-)