You are Welcome to buynothing !

The Buy Nothing Day party was a complete success. The venue was nowhere & we ate & drank nothing, listened to n o ne, smoked nothing. Was wonderfull. We 'll do it again soon. ;-)

Party People

Party People

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some suggestions -


Things to do instead of shopping on November 24th, Buy Nothing Day:

- Jump
- Sing
- Make Love
- Learn how to swim
- Have a thumb fight
- Drink free water
- Stand on your head
- Juggle!
- Jiggle!
- Jungle dance!
- Walk!
- Run!
- Sit!
- Stand!
- Smile ;-)
- Look @ the sky!
- Count The stars , if its day just one!!
- Breathe
- Hold your nose
- Open your eyes
- Close your eyes!
- now the ears
- now count the years, months, moments you remember perfectly!!!!
- Climb a tree!
- Dig a tunnel to the centre of the earth [Get friends & family to help you - coz u need help!!]
- Hug a Tree!
- Smell the fresh air
- Smell the polluted air!
- Trace your family tree.. If you are Indian this may take a considerable amount of your time
- Go for a free gig. There's music everywhere.
- Inform us about free gigs
- Put some suggestions down for other folks!!
-Volunteer with an organization/charity that you support.
-Pass out flyer's to educate people about Buy Nothing Day.
-Stage an event (protest, reading, teach-in, etc.) to educate people about Buy Nothing Day!
-Read a book.
-Take your dog for a walk.
-Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter and save a life!
-Check out your public library… it’s better than a bookstore - it’s free!
- Sign the petition at MilitaryFreezone.orgr>-Write a letter to your federal and state Senators and Representatives about an issue that is important to you (war, poverty, youth, education, gun control, corporate corruption & accountability, military spending, the environment, reproductive choice, and anything else you can think of!)
-Dance, exercise, and/or meditate.
-Tell someone that you love them.
- Make ur MaMA laugh!
-Sleep… most working people are chronically sleep-deprived!
-Ride a bike.
-Learn how to cook or bake.
-Clean out your closet and give your cast offs to Goodwill or a Reliable Charity or best go find some one you can help... First step Open your eyes & look!
-Organize a blanket drive for a local homeless shelter
-Give someone a hug. Hugs are good for the immune system!
-Rake the yard… time is running out! And build a leaf fort while you‘re at it.
-Write a letter to a friend.
-Begin to learn an instrument.
-Change your fish tank’s water – fish like breathing clean water, y’know?
- Release your caged bird & follow it around with your camera
-Get to know one of your neighbors that you’ve never spoken to before.
-Begin learning another language.
-Offer to baby sit
-Facilitate a dialog between youth and the elders
-Soak in a soothing bath
-Quit smoking if you do – you’ll feel better and live longer!
-Start writing the next Great novel
-Start a ‘zine, or contribute to one.
-Start a yoga practice. You’ll be able to twist like a pretzel in no time!
-Make a mix tape or CD for a friend

- chk out the website!

- We also have NOTHING, the revolutionary new product that is guaranteed not to put you in debt, 100% nontoxic, zero waste, sweatshop labor-free, family friendly, easy to carry and much, much more! And did we say, unlimited supply and lifetime warranty?


Sachin said...

- Practise & Master a form of Martial Arts

Surf said...

- Balance a spoon on your nose
- Bend the spoon [like Keanu Reeves, yo]
- Dig your own Grave & build your own coffin, make sure its x tra ocomfortable!

Thanks for Nothing!
Everything ;-)